Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our first collaborative work in SL

We have had to do one Travel Guide like the end of 3th section of the Course. Really has been stressed to know that we have to do it before december 31.

How to organize a virtual travel visiting the most attactive places in which we have been?

A couple of weeks ago I got inworld and reached Muvenation site, where there were some people watching some boxes. Even, one of them suggested me to "touch" the box. I did it, and I could see the message: "HELLO, BERRITZAILE ZSUM". It was really strange, because I didn´t know that sort of possibilities.....

After some days, I had the good luck of finding one avatar, Samu, who, whith great patiente, explained me the way - let´s say the beginning - to work whith notecards and srcipts. Thanks again Samu. This is really collaborative work, yes.

After a while, and already knowing a little, I met 42 named avatar, born in the US but living in Sidney. Another intensive conversation and a little expermentation.....

and at the end the help of Mobius, another component of Muve´s group in order to solve one technical question.

So, the body of knowledge needed to make the travel guide has been got by talking to one avatar, after to another, teleporting from one site to another.... and asking a lot.
I think it´s a rather good way to learn; I mean on the basis on the relations and the share of knowledge. I´ve felt always helped by others, really.

After this "litle formations", the fact of sharing things in our gruop has been really satisfactory, even pleasant; I could say we really have a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm to learn. Yes, good way.

All this told and underliying again the importance of colaboration and constructivism in learning environments, I ask myself if had been more productive some direct formation from the teachers of the Course.

Perhaps better to teach which is one notecard, one script, what does mean to edit one object,... and all this stuff ? Probably, I´m not sure, but I´ve felt myself in certain way "alone", without knowing the basis.

I´m not the answer, I´m not sure at all, I´ll see the next dynamics of the Course to have some funded opinions about all that.

I enclosed here a simple slideshare with the scripts I´ve learned up to now.

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