Monday, December 8, 2008

Fashion Show

I have had the chance to go to fashion show orgaized by Group 4. Has been a curious experience; a lot of avatar talking to each other without any pause. You can talk to your friends, dance, even to encourage the participants. Really like in RL. Very good for socialize people.
Anyway, I wait for the moment in wich I could examine the pedagogical possibilities of SL. I´m sure there are a lot, but I can´t still imagine them very clear. I´m agree when some people say that there is no more e-learning, no more d-learning, only learning; I think the border betweeen them is going to blur in the near future, and that will be a sort of integration between Moddle - or other tool -SL, blogs, wikis, sincronous activities like conferences, .... But this will require tons of competence in Information Tecnology, or at least the competence of learn to learn very quicly. For people like me, not digital native, this is becoming a little dificult (when I learned what was mp3, it appears mp4) because the pace of change is almost exponential.

In the meantime, and to be ready for the new era, I´ve decided to change my hairstyle ;)


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